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CAHL Registration Information


Free Agents cannot register for the season until placement on a team is confirmed. Prices may vary per team based on Team Fee or Individual Team selection option. Please be advised, roster space is limited and placement is not guaranteed. Please complete the Free Agent Form to be placed on the Free Agent list.

Due to the limited number of roster spots available Evaluations Skates will not be held this season.


  • 20 game fall/winter season (including playoffs) 
  • 18 game spring/summer season (including playoffs)
  • Crosstown Cup = Scottsdale vs Chandler for select divisions (A, B, C, D, 30+)
  • Captain, goalie and multi-team fee discounts  
  • Captain meetings (fall/winter season) 
  • USA Hockey sanctioned games
  • 80-minute ice slots
  • Three (3) 15-minute stop-time periods    
  • Regular season 3-man shootout tiebreaker    
  • No fighting
  • Online access to schedule and statistics
  • SportsEngine team management and schedule app    
  • Championship prizes and gift cards
  • Post-Game Refreshments Win or Lose



8/15 $510 Paid in Full (No Discounts) $25.50
8/16-8/21 $550 *In Full/Payment Plan $27.50
8/22-8/28 $575 *In Full/Payment Plan $28.75
8/29-9/4 $600 *In Full/Payment Plan $30.00
9/5-9/10 $625 *In Full/Payment Plan $31.25
9/11+ $650 *In Full/Payment Plan $32.50

Register Early to Save

Individual Fees Payment Plan*:

  1. First payment = $100 at time of registration
  2. Second payment = October 15, 2022
  3. Third payment =  November 15, 2022
  4. Fourth payment = December 15, 2022

Payment plan players who are more that 2-weeks delinquent on payment will be removed from all rosters for remainder of the season without refund. Participating in future CAHL season will require full payment at time of registration. 

*Payment plans require a credit card number on file.

A one-time $10.00 payment plan service fee will be added to all payment plans.


  • Goalie Discount:  Goalies receive a 50% discount off $575 registration fee
  • 2nd Team Discount:  Effective March 2022, players can only be registered on two CAHL teams per Ice Den location (max 4) to include full and sub player status. Skaters receive 5% off each team when playing on multiple teams/divisions (Discount not valid for super early player or team fee payments.) 
  • Captains Discount:  Captains receive 50% off their season ($575 registration fee) with a minimum roster number requirement.  Code must be requested from the CAHL Commissioner.
  • 10 Game Sub-Package:  $320 for 10 games – teams must meet eligibility requirements (13 paid and rostered players and a goalie)  before using subs, restrictions apply, all subs must be approved by CAHL Commissioner. A code will be provided upon approval.

Approved Captains and Goalies will register as Captains and Goalies during the registration process. Please contact the CAHL Commissioner for assistance registering with a discount.

Discounts and packages are non-refundable/non-transferable.
Discounts cannot be combined. One discount code per registration.
Players who use unauthorized discount codes will be invoiced for the difference.

Team Fee Registration

Team Fee in Full: $7,250 due prior to the first scheduled game 

Team Fee Payment Plan*:

  • 1st Payment = $3,635
  • 2nd Payment = $3,625 prior to 2nd scheduled game/no later than September 16, 2022.

    Team Fee Structure:  Teams using the Team Fee option must arrange for one player to make full payment.  The Team Captain must submit a complete roster to CAHL to receive a team code to register players.  All players must be USA Hockey members to register and must complete registration prior to the first scheduled game.  Roster maximum size is limited to 17 skaters and one goalie.  No discounts, individual payments/payment plans will apply.  Team Fees are non-refundable/non-transferable.

    *Payment plan requires a credit card number on file. Payment plan fee of $10 will be applied.


18 $402.78 $20.14
17 $426.47 $21.32
16 $453.13 $22.66
15 $483.33 $24.17
14 $517.89 $25.89
13 $557.69 $27.88

Please Be Advised

There will be a $20 processing fee on any refund transactions required due to registration errors. Including failure to secure discount codes or registering under incorrect payment method.

Cancellation Policy

No refunds will be given to a registrant who leaves because of their own desire, fails to attend or is suspended from League participation for any reason. The ONLY exception to the policy is a medical condition preventing a player's ability to play accompanied by a signed physician's note listing the dates of restriction. Refunds will not be awarded for games missed due to illness including but not limited to COVID-19 related illness, exposure, or level of comfort.



The Coyotes Adult Hockey League is a USA Hockey sanctioned program and require all participants be valid members of USA Hockey prior to participation. USA Hockey requires individuals to secure their membership direct from the USA Hockey website. 

USA Hockey Registration is Easy:

  1. Click Here to access the USA Hockey Online Registration.
  2. Once paid, ($61 total $46 to USAH, $15 to AAHA) you will enter this number in the program registration

Once on file, you will not have to provide proof of USA Hockey membership again until September 1st of the following year.