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Denae Raught

Age you began skating: 4

Year you began coaching: 2007

Year you joined the Ice Den Skating Department: 2014

Coaching Certificates and Ratings/Rankings: Member of PSA, USFSA, and LTS USA, PSA Master Group, PSA Certified Freestyle, PSA Certified Ice Dance, PSA Certified Moves in the Field,  PSA Registered Choreography.

Specialization/Areas of Focus: Freestyle, Choreography, Moves in the Field, Ice Dance, Off-Ice Jump, Power Skating, Artistry and Expression, Special Olympics, Music Editing.

Career Highlights:

  • Coach and choreographer for:
  • Regional competitors
  • National Solo Dance Series Finalists
  • National Showcase medalists
  • National Theatre On Ice Team

Skating Achievements:

  • Gold medalist in Moves in the Field, Freestyle, and Dance
  • Regional competitor
  • National Showcase medalist
  • Spalding Ice Classic Presidents Award winner 2005
  • Autumn Antics Dever Award winner - 2004 & 2005

Education: B.A. Public Service and Public Policy, Arizona State University

Hometown: Peoria, Arizona

My mission as a figure skating coach is to share my passion for the sport with others. I instill within my students the values of responsibility, sportsmanship, dedication, athleticism and innovation. I consider it an honor to continue my own education within the sport and encourage constant educational and personal development of my students both on the ice and otherwise.