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Ice Den Rink

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Ice Den SCottsdale Community

As the fall/winter season winds down and we switch gears to spring/summer programming and schedules the Ice Den Scottsdale wanted to update you on our plans for the building over for the next few months.

Since opening our doors in 1998, the Ice Den Scottsdale has been proud to be considered a second home to our skaters, hockey players, coaches and fans. We continue to be the Official Practice Facility of the Arizona Coyotes, as well as home to the Jr. Coyotes and the Coyotes Skating Club of Arizona.  Our youth and adult hockey programs boast the largest participation in the state, and our Learn to Skate program consistently ranks Top 10 in the country.  We've made a name for ourselves locally, nationally and internationally as one of the top rinks in North America and we couldn't do it without all of you.

Many of you are aware that this summer we will complete the final phase of a multi-year, multi-million-dollar construction project.  Over the past two decades, the Ice Den Scottsdale has reinvented itself a number of times through construction and the addition of building tenants that complement our business. We've been fortunate that our ownership allows us to maintain and invest in the building through operational upgrades, ongoing improvements and renovations.  While an inconvenience at times, these investments allow us to operate the high-quality programming and facility amenities that the Ice Dens and their partners are known to offer.

This next phase of the project will include converting the Ice Den (west) rink floor from sand to concrete, transferring its operation to the new ice plant installed in 2016, paint and general upgrades, as well as the addition of some new amenities.  With insight from our engineers and construction team, we will be mirroring the 2016 timeline of mid-March to mid-June.  Please note, as we experienced in 2016, construction of this magnitude will cause interruptions to the business, but we are confident that this timeline proved to cause minimal impact on our programming and schedules.

Starting March 18, a construction fence will be installed in the area directly south of the Coyotes Rink. During this phase of construction, skaters, players and spectators will be asked to access the Coyotes and Apex Rinks from the main lobby to help ease congestion.  Access to the Ice Den Rink hallway will also be off-limits to the public as it is considered part of the active construction zone.
Please also note, the McDowell Mountain Medical Building is NOT an authorized parking area for Ice Den Scottsdale customers and puts you at risk of being towed at your expense.

The Ice Den Scottsdale respectfully requests, that all parents inform their children of this project and emphasize the importance of being safe by avoiding the construction areas.  We also hope families, coaches and teammates will take a moment to share this message with your fellow players, skaters and spectators to ensure they are aware of this information.
By sharing the timeline, it is our hope that we can minimize the inconvenience and identify solutions for our community:

Mid-March - Mid-June = Coyotes & Apex Rinks will be operating as ice, Ice Den Rink will be under construction

Mid-June - August = Coyotes & Apex Rinks will be operating as ice and Ice Den Rink will convert to turf
August - December = Coyotes, Ice Den & Apex Rinks will be operating as ice

We appreciate your support and apologize in advance for any inconveniences these projects may cause.  Upon completion, we are confident the results will further enhance the experience of all of our figure skaters, hockey players, program participants and coaches.

The upcoming season will be an extra special one for Ice Den Scottsdale as it marks our 20th Anniversary.  We look forward to celebrating with you starting in June!

Ice Den Management