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Spring 3x3 Hockey


3x3 spring recreation league features a "skills" based format, played in tight spaces at a fast pace. The smaller ice surface and pace of play, requires players to improve and adjust their “skills" quickly to adapt to the modified game.

Registration Information

Please be advised, for the benefit of all players, 3x3 participants must have completed the Initiation Program to register.

Registration is now closed.  Sorry, no new registrations will be accepted.

Participant Waiver

Must be printed, signed and returned by all participants.



For our community, any day away from the rink and the sport we love is a day too many and we can all agree the past few months have presented tremendous challenges for all of us to navigate.  It was critical that as a team, the CAHA Community and the valley worked together to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve.  We appreciate your continued support, patience and cooperation as the state begins to reopen while public health concerns remain.

We know many of our members may have experienced personal and professional hardships during this time, but we also take comfort knowing the best thing about family is coming together when times are toughest, and the strength and resilience of our community continues to inspire and drive us as we move forward. 

While our return to the rink has been slow and deliberate, we want to reassure you that CAHA, alongside Ice Den has put forth every effort to ensure our home away from home is safe, clean and ready for our players!  Safety of our staff and participants remains top priority.  During the closure the Ice Dens completed a thorough building cleaning and sanitization from top to bottom.  Following all CDC, state, and USA Hockey guidelines we have implemented new policies and measures to direct CAHA programming both on and off the ice.

  • Restricted # of players on the ice
  • Limited Locker Room access
    • Door open at all times
    • DO NOT bring valuables
    • Come dressed in minimum under garments
  • Bring your own water bottle - NO SHARING

3x3 Fees, Highlights & Benefits


$420 per player
$215 per goalie


  • Mini-Mite, Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam/Midget
  • 3x3 cross-ice format, cross ice using 4 foot tall ice divider pads
  • Fifteen (15) x 60 minute ice slots
  • CDP Jersey Provided
  • CDP Staff Instruction
  • Jamboree Tournament
  • Championship/Consolation Finals

**First year Midgets and 2005 birth year are permitted to register in the Bantam/Midget division.  NO BODY CHECKING.

  • The best way to learn skills & on-ice creativity
  • Learn 2-on-1 isolation
  • Emphasis on playing creatively
  • CDP 3x3 places a huge emphasis (more puck touches) on building player's confidence
  • 3x3 provides an environment that encourages making and learning from mistakes while improving puck possession skills
  • Less space and fast pace = less time + quicker decisions
  • Players who play offense get to play and appreciate the defensive side of the game and defensive players get to be more creative on the offensive side of the game.
  • 3x3 hockey focuses on puck handling; team play; transition from offense to defense / defense to offense; positioning; and endurance with extended time on the ice.
  • 2-minutes shifts