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Team Skating

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“As individuals we are strong but together we are unstoppable!”

The Ice Denettes Synchronized Skating program was formed at the Ice Den Chandler in 2018. Our program is currently comprised of eleven teams –Tenacity (Masters), Integrity (Adult), Affinity (Intermediate), Synergy (Open Juvenile), Symphony (OJ) Harmony (Pre-Juvenile), Unity (Aspire prelim), Shooting Stars, Shining Stars (Aspire pre pre) Twinkling and Rising Stars (Synchro Skills ). Synchro is a highly competitive sport throughout the world and through our program we drive skaters to be their best while training in a positive team environment. The Ice Denettes pride themselves on being a supportive community that creates friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

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Scottsdale Team Information

We are so excited to welcome teams that are based at Ice Den Scottsdale! We have 3 teams with over 25 skaters. 

The Ice Denettes are truly a family and we are excited to welcome more skaters to the team. We currently have over 125 skaters on our 11 teams. These 11 teams are comprised of skaters ranging in age from 5 years old to over 60 and beginning levels all the way through Olympians.

These new teams will be competing at Poway, California the weekend of February 11th. 

Missed the tryouts and wondering if there are still spots available? Please email us for more info

Our team practices will  be Mondays at 5:30-6:30pm and some Saturdays from 1-3pm. Schedule, contract, and is available please email for more details.

Feel free to reach out with any other questions or concerns. 

Why Synchro?

  • Athletes who pursue synchronized skating at the elite level and complete all of their gold tests can be Team USA athletes who compete at the world level.
  • Synchronized skating offers skaters college scholarships to continue skating. Many colleges have synchro teams, with skaters who are members of Team USA and will be competing at the World Championships in a few weeks.
  • Participating in team sports is an important and invaluable experience for athletes, so they can learn how to excel and succeed with and within a group. In the world of figure skating, this experience doesn't present itself very often. Team skating will encourage your skater to step out of their comfort zone, become better at working with and relating to others, and enjoy camaraderie that comes from competing with friends, not against them.   
  • If your skater has dreams of skating on Disney on Ice or any other professional ice shows, this is a very good way to make these dreams a reality. When submitting your resume for one of these performance companies, team skating experience is something that will stand out in their resume.

Time commitment

  • We practice in Chandler and Scottsdale from August- February once a week 
  • During the summer we practice once a week. We are very flexible with summer as we know people travel a lot!
  • We have 1-2 early Saturday morning practices a month for our high level teams, which does not conflict with other activities.
  • Synchro competitive season starts after Freestyle and Ice Dance,  so they do not conflict. Our first competition of the season is November and the season ends in February.
  • Synchronized skating requires and encourages excellence in individual skating skills, and enhances all the disciplines of solo skating. Speed, power, freestyle elements, flexibility, twizzles, musicality, pairs elements, and more make up our programs. 
  • Our team management is flexible and committed. We encourage your skater’s solo skating activities, respect your private coaches, and are supportive when solo skating obligations need to be prioritized.
  • Adult team commitment will be 2-3 times a month. At Scottsdale or Chandler locations.


This has been an amazing season so far. Our five teams have grown to 11 teams at two rinks with over 125 members from beginners all the way through Olympians skating in Scottsdale and Chandler. We are bringing 5 teams to sectionals, with the hope of our Intermediate, masters, and adult team qualifying for Nationals. In addition, all teams will participate in numerous performances at the Ice Den rinks and other local engagements. 

Contact us at with any questions.

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Why Join the Ice Denettes Synchronized Skating Program?

Figure skating is traditionally an individual sport. Synchro offers the benefit of team unity, builds self-confidence, teaches good sportsmanship, and creates new lifelong friendships, while improving your skating skills at a competitive level. Learning the skills of synchronized skating will enhance your abilities as a figure skater in freestyle, moves in the field and dance!

Many advanced figure skaters and USFS gold medalists participate in synchronized skating.Team skating provides conditioning and additional skills not taught in normal figure skating sessions. Skaters will improve their technique, speed, posture, presentation and style. Synchronized skaters are talented figure skaters who enjoy participating in team sports. They enjoy the many benefits of participating in sport: challenge, hard work, achievement, friendships, fun, fitness and the opportunity to travel. Synchronized skating is popular collegiately with more than 30 colleges offering club or varsity teams.

Rising Stars




The teams will be determined by the Synchronized coaching team.

All synchro skaters should be working to improve their individual skating skills to be a better skater for their teammates. Suggested guidelines for each team are as follows:

RISING STARS AND TWINKLING STARS: Skate 1-2 days per week in the LTS program and/or on Freestyle sessions. We suggest you work with a coach of your choosing.

UNITY, SHOOTING STARS, AND SHINING STARS: Skate 1-2 days per week in the LTS program and/or on freestyles, and work with a private lesson coach of your choosing.

 HARMONY AND SYMPHONY: Skate 1-2 days per week in the LTS program and at least one freestyle a week, and work with a private lesson coach of your choosing and pass pre pre moves by August 1st.

 SYNERGY: Skate 2 hours per week on Freestyle sessions and obtain 1-2 private lessons per week, working to test and achieve higher Moves in the Field tests. Preliminary Moves in the Field must be passed by August 1st. Ice Dance experience is encouraged.

AFFINITY: Skate 2.25 hours per week on Freestyle and obtain 2 private lessons per week, working to test to higher Moves in the Field tests (unless passed Senior Moves). Intermediate Moves in the Field must be passed by August 1. Ice Dance experience is encouraged.

ADULT AND MASTERS: Intermediate moves in the field +. Skate on your own when possible. Practice 2-3 times a month with the team.



Shooting Stars


Synchronized Skating (or “synchro” as is it called) is a fast-growing discipline of figure skating that combines the athleticism and artistry of singles, pairs, and ice dancing. Synchronized skating is a highly technical form of team skating characterized by speed, accuracy, intricate formations and transitions. Teams of 8 to 20 skaters perform side by side on the ice.


  • There are nine beginner and developmental levels that prepare athletes for competition at the national level.
  • The Juvenile through Senior levels are skill-based and all members on a team must pass level-specific Moves in the Field tests to participate in that discipline.
  • The Collegiate level is for college teams, while the Masters and Adult levels are for skaters aged 25, and 18 and over, respectively.