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Ice Den Scottsdale - Coyotes Theater On Ice Teams

The Coyotes Theater On Ice Team is an on-ice Company that blends Broadway and ballet to entertain audiences of all ages as well as compete against some of the finest “Theatre on Ice” teams in the world. With support from the Ice Den Scottsdale, and under the direction of coaches Miki Gruber, Denae Raught, Dawn Piepenbrink-McCosh, and Steven Cousins, the team participates in creating Free Skating and Choreographic Exercise routines each season.

Theater On Ice coaches have a rich history in choreography and performing in professional ice shows.

The Theater On Ice team aims to educate skaters in the performing arts as well as provide them with life skills of team participation, cooperation, presentation, and self-esteem. Each fall the team is organized in preparation for the upcoming season.

To try out for the team, the skater must be a member in good standing of US Figure Skating and commit to passing the Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field test by December of the current year.

Annual performances include the Ice Den Scottsdale Ice Show and the National Theater On Ice competition.  In addition to rehearsals and community service, the team conducts fundraisers to cover expenditures for props, costumes, and travel. The ensemble relies on, and is grateful for, the generous support of their families, the Ice Den community, donors and sponsors.


Steven Cousins

Miki Gruber

Dawn Piepenbrink-McCosh

Denae Raught

2020-21 Coyotes Theater on Ice Company

2021-2022 Coyotes Theater on Ice Company

2021 Send Off for TOI

2021 TOI Send Off

2021 TOI Send Off

2021-2022 Coyotes 1 - Theater on Ice Team

2020-21 Coyotes Theater on Ice Team 1

2021-2022 Coyotes 2 - Theater on Ice Team

2020-21 Coyotes Theater on Ice Team 2